• List Of Luxury Beach Towels Inspired By Asian Art

List Of Luxury Beach Towels Inspired By Asian Art

Gone are the days when towels used to be only about nautical stripes or girly floral. With so much advancement in design, the diversity of different cultures are being incorporated into everyday items in the form of prints and motifs to create inclusiveness& awareness amongst the people. Hence USA towel manufacturers have come up with cool designs that boasts of the popular art of Asian countries.

Hence, if you want to include such towels in your store, make sure to get in touch with one of the popular manufacturers. You can find a range of designer towels that are reasonably priced and quality approved as well. Meanwhile read on to know about the various artistic towels that are available in the inventory.

Buddhist art

A common visual device in Buddhist art is the mandala. It symbolizes the universe and the various parts of it that is designed in a circular motion. Even though you can find a lot of cultural references to mandala, the real meaning of it is known to only few people. Hence find unique mandala printed towels with a rich color scheme that boasts of great quality as well. You can either opt for the earthy tones or the cute bright ones.

Chinese art

The Chinese art depicts the various themes of landscape that existed during the reign of the various dynasties. From the subtle water color art emphasis the emotions of the rural people and their everyday life. The towels printed in these surreal paintings are definitely worth the bulk investment. These are ideally made with using pima cotton hence softer in quality and easier to maintain as well.

Indian art

Indian art is influenced by various traditions, cultural as well as political factors. The basic format remains the same but some of the key elements keeps changing along with the popular culture. Hence you can find a wide array of prints that ranges from Madhubani art Warli painting, Mughal as well as folk motifs. Although these designs are quite rare to find these makes for great additions to the exotic beach vacay in an island in southeast Asia.

Korean art

One of the main characteristics of Korean art is its close association to natural elements. Korean art is mostly inspired by Chinese as well as Japanese concepts, techniques, motifs as well as forms. In spite of that you can find that Korean art has developed a distinct flavour of its own that depends largely upon the botanical aspects of the nature. Hence, if you want to incorporate the Korean plant motif into your towel style, then make sure to include these in your stock.

Thai art

The traditional Thai art consists of a Buddhist influenced Hindu folklore print. These are rich and fascinating and perfect for creating a maximalist effect into the towels. Colors like gold, red, blue and even black tend to be the focus of various prints which is not only enchanting in nature but makes the towel even more versatile for other uses.

Business owners who want to include luxury beach towels wholesale in their store can get in touch with one of the popular towel manufacturers. Make sure to opt for the quality towel pieces to make your customers happy. All you have to do is have a look through the various towel pieces and state the bulk needs to the supplier accordingly.

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