• Beach Towel Designs That Has Created A Buzz Among The Millennial Beach Bums

Beach Towel Designs That Has Created A Buzz Among The Millennial Beach Bums

A good beach towel is the most underappreciated summer essential. These are available in an array of designs and boasts of quality as well as performance. Even though beach towels are mostly favored for its designer appeal, wholesale beach towel manufacturers are producing pieces that works wonders in case of function as well as design. Gone are the days when boring towels were part of our summer vacation list. It’s time that you invest in the best of the beach towels in bulk that are available in seasonal aesthetic prints.

The entire towel range consists of such pieces that are made with using quality certified raw material. Hence make read on to know more about the popular designs that are making the millenials crazy!

Marble pattern

The marble pattern is classy and chic. If your soul earns for the minimalist vibe then make sure to invest in the marbled towel pieces. These available in shades of rose gold, blue, pink as well as peach. Available in a variety of sizes, these are lightweight and has great absorbing qualities.

Make sure to opt for the modified fabrics that has great sand free features. This will allow you to wash off the dirt easily.

Mandala motif

How about a beach towel that looks like a magic carpet ? We all earn to go back to the fairy tales as a sweet escape, irrespective of our age. Hence grab one of these gorgeous towels that are available in specific color variants. These towels also work great as a mat as well as a sarong. The soft and rich texture along with the intricate designs makes it super versatile for use.

Circular motion

Circular towels has somewhat become a cult favorite of the millennial thanks to the interesting Coachella theme. The shape is unique and perfect for lying down in on the beach and breathing in the salty waters of the coast. Available in a variety of designs like tropical motifs, floral and even monogrammed versions, find one that suits your style aesthetic.

Crochet wonder

Accents like crochet has made the modern towel even more prettier. You can find array of array of such styles in plentiful of pastel tones. Perfect for the summer gateway aesthetic, these towels are spun with using only combed cotton variants hence highly durable in nature and long lasting as well. Hence you can find towel pieces that are made with using crochet stitched hemlines. Thus, select from a range of boho-choc variants.

Animal print

If you like to flaunt your love for bold prints and maximalist style, then make sure to opt for the classic leopard print towels. These are available in a variety of shapes, the circular ones being the most popular amongst them. Made with the best quality of organic cotton variant, this towel is perfect or lounging by the beach in style.

Retailers who want to include trendy towels in their store can get in touch with one of the popular towel manufacturers. All you need to do is browse through the unique collection of clothing that the manufacturer has in store. After selecting the required pieces, state the bulk needs to the customer care team. You can even get discounts on the selected designs hence hurry!

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