• 3 Types of Towels That Your Manufacturer Needs To Supply in Bulk!

3 Types of Towels That Your Manufacturer Needs To Supply in Bulk!

If you are looking to get your towel collection up and running in no time, then you need to add some variety to your collection. And nothing does that more than getting the right towels for your retail store in the first place.

In this blog, we are going to take a look at what the 3 towels are that your manufacturer should provide no matter what. Want to find out? Let’s take a look:

1.Luxury Hotel Towels

When you want to pick the best collection for your towel retail store, nothing does it more than luxury hotel towels wholesale. These are known for their superior quality fabric and bring home nothing less than the very best of towel technology.

Luxury hotel towels are generally made of organic fabric – but in some rare cases, they also come out of Egyptian cotton or Turkish cotton material. These are probably two of the most amazing fibers out there and right at the top of fabric pecking order!

2.Sands free beach towels

When you are going to go all the way to the beach to have a good time, nothing quite cuts it like sands free beach towels. And do you know why? Because they are a lot of fun, come in great prints, and all you need is a shakedown to have them dry and clean in no time.

If you want the best of these towels, then you need to tell your manufacturer to buckle up right now and find the best for your towel retail store!

3.Cooling sports towels

The last, but definitely far from the least, sports towels will have a significant impact in making your collection more sellable. These are generally available with high end microfiber towel manufacturers and will make for a brilliant collection for your towel retail store!

It is important for you to keep in mind that your collection needs to have the right blend of technology – because that is exactly what will get your racks to empty and sales to go up.

The moisture wick fast evaporating fabric is the secret which helps cooling sports towels be what they are, and that is what athlete’s are looking for.

These are the 3 towel types that make the best impact on your new towel collection and will get it up and running in no time. Find a great towel manufacturer online and get the best for your collection today!

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